• Lisa Lyttle

Who Am I To Be Talking About This?

Updated: Jun 17

Do you say any of these things to yourself?

“I can’t try it, I’m just going to fail”.

“No one is going to buy from me”.

“Who am I to be talking about this?”

“I’m not worthy of success”

“I’ll just give away everything for free until I feel needed or wanted”.

I know what’s it’s like to feel like a fraud. To feel unworthy and in constant fear of what others will think of me. What will they say? How will they react? What are they going to think?

I’m going to feel like a fool...

I felt like this on MANY occasions. I’ve had really close friends and family tell me straight to my face:

“You’re crazy!”

“You’ve lost your mind!”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You’re going to lose everything!”

Even now, just thinking about it makes me feel sick inside. It causes me pain.

Your negative thoughts with stop you dead in your tracks IF you let them.

These nay-sayers and toxic people will stop you from going after and achieving anything you truly want in life, IF you let them. You need to shut out the negativity- And I know just the trick!

I promise if you do this everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, you will see a HUGE change in your mindset and your self belief will grow tremendously! You’ll be able to shut off the noise in your head.

This is what you need to do:

You need to start tracking your accomplishments everyday. No matter how small.

Don’t roll your eyes until you’ve tried it for at least 21 days. Write your accomplishments down. Anything & everything like: “I finished a business project I’ve been working on” Or “I exercised for 30 mins.” Or “I reached out to 5 new leads” and “I wrote the most amazing blog post!”

Whatever it is...write it down! And if there’s anything new you learned that day, share it with other people! It’ll boost your confidence right on the spot!

Try it for 3 weeks, just 21 days! It’s helped me tremendously and it’s helped dozens of my clients. Give it a try and let me know how it’s changed your thoughts. Your mind needs this.

Lisa Lyttle

Certified International Business & Mindset Coach



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