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7 Foolproof Tips on How to Start an Online Business

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing with you how to start a profitable online business using these 7 fool-proof tips!

These are some just some of the best practices that worked for me when I started my first online business back in 2010. And I still follow these tips with every new online business I create. I’m saving my 7th and most important tip to the very end so make sure you read to the end!

So let’s get started.

Tip #1- Figure out the product that you want to sell and make it as easy as possible.

I know, you want to over complicate everything because we all want to change the world and create something really, really exciting. When I first started my online cake business back in 2010, I charged only $25 and just went running with it. I see a lot of new business owners make the mistake where they wait to have the most perfect website, all their products, services & offers have to be perfect before they launch, they run it past their family & friends first and this is such a HUGE mistake because all you’re doing is procrastinating and the next thing you know, 2 years has gone by, you’ve perfected your offer and you roll it out and the market screams back saying “we don’t need that or we’ve never needed that!”

Sometimes not all of our business ideas we have, are good ideas…sometimes they’re bad.

Or we’re solving a problem that maybe we’ve experienced but it doesn’t happen to enough people out there so there’s no target market for your idea. You’re better off to roll it out to the market right away, and get feedback, good and bad feedback from the market instead of investing all your time & energy on something you have no idea if it will work or not.

Tip #2- Don’t hire an expensive developer or designer right away.

Just create a basic landing page. There’s so many online tools you can use nowadays that will help you create beautiful and professional looking landing pages.

Some of my favourites is: Convertkit, FloDesk, Wix, ClickFunnels...

but there’s so many out there, find one that you enjoy working with.

This keeps things super simple without distracting your viewers with so many links and buttons and it also allows you to start collecting peoples emails. Which brings me to tip #3!

Tip #3- Start Collecting Emails/ Make people subscribe to your social media.

I always recommend in the beginning to create a freebie full of value, and that’s the key…a value-packed freebie and in exchange you collect their email. As your business grows you will want to have an email list so you can keep your leads informed of all the new things you are doing in your business.

So start collecting those emails right away! Then what I like to do is offer a low ticket item,

so something that isn’t too expensive. It takes time for people to get to know you, like you and trust you. And lastly, once you start building authority in your niche you can start selling your high ticket offer... so your most expensive offer. Again, there’s lots of ways you can collect emails…by using ConvertKit, FloDesk, GetResponse and so many more platforms offer drip campaigns. So someone signs up and slowly you have an automated system that slowly leaches out your content to them.

This is one of the most effective ways to let your audience know what you’re doing in your business.

Tip #4- Pick a payment processor

I’m not sure why this is over-looked by so many new entrepreneurs, but you need to figure out how you are going to accept payments. The goal of your business after all is to make money so you need to have a system in place so you can accept their money.

There’s a lot of services you can use but I recommend using Paypal or Stripe. Paypal is known worldwide and Stripe is incredibly easy to connect if you are in the USA or in Europe. Find one that works for you and connect it to your landing page.

Tip #5- Pricing your product

In the beginning as new business owners, we underestimate the value of what we are offering. I did this too in the beginning. Like I said, I used to only charge $25 for a cake meanwhile the cost of my ingredients, hours it took to make and design the cake, and the cost of the kitchen space and electricity…I was losing money fast!

The reason so many of us do this in the beginning is because we have a lack of confidence…

the business is new to us, no one knows about us, so we feel like if we are less expensive people will get to know us and buy us because in our minds we feel there’s less of a risk for them to invest in us....right?


This is definitely not the right way to go.

Within 3 months of opening my first business, I became the most expensive cake designer in the entire city…

I went from $25 to $250 for my smallest cakes, and you know what…I was booked out week after week!

Consider all the factors that are involved in your products & services and price yourself out accordingly. There’s absolutely no benefit for you being the 2nd really think about what you, your time and your offer is really worth and charge that.

Tip #6- How to attract your first customers

So for example, if you’re a fitness coach or a online piano teacher or a VA or whatever your online business is, what you want to do is go on Facebook or on Instagram and find the top people in your niche and start engaging with their followers.

It’s all about targeting and retargeting your niche audience and connecting, messaging and engaging with them. That is how people will find you and it’s how you will show your authority in your niche.

Before I give you tip #7, the most important tip, I’m going to share something with you that will help you build a profitable online business in less than 90 days.

It’s my signature program for new entrepreneurs called the Beach Entrepreneur Bootcamp.

It’s a 10 week, step-by-step program on how to build and launch an online business in less than 3 months.

It includes 10 weekly modules, 3-1:1 private coaching calls, Weekly course materials & notebooks, a 10 week Private FB support Group, an Online Resource Library that’s full of trainings and helpful links, & 10 weekly group coaching calls with me.

You’re never alone while you build your online business and I’m here to answer all your questions during the 10 weeks.

The program starts on July 19, 2021 and there’s only a couple more spots left.

And I have a super promo! It's only $997 for all 3 months if you join right now! SAY WHAT?!?! (That's $500 saving!) Send me a message right now. with the word “BE” and I’ll send you all the info! This offer is only valid until July 1/2021, so act fast!

And last but not least Tip #7- Start building a community right now

As a professional, you need to start sharing your knowledge. You can do this on Instagram, that’s the easiest one to use and recommend it to everyone starting out. Or you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & Pinterest is getting huge right now for building a online community.

Pick one or two platforms- tops! And start building your community right now.

Even if you don’t have your business started yet.

Imagine, 6 months from now and you have a couple thousand people following you, you already have your potential customers to whom you can market, you can test the waters. Test your ideas out on them and they can give you instant feedback without you having to pay for it. So start building your community now even if you don’t have a business idea yet.

So that’s my 7 tips on how to start an online business! I hope you found this helpful and if you did, please like it, give me a thumbs up in the comments and share it with your friends!

I Hope you all have a great day, ciao for now!

Lisa xo

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